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Japan Documents Handbook Series


The Japan Documents Publishing Handbook Series focuses on the broad field of Japanese Studies, aimed at the worldwide English language scholarly market, published in Tokyo in English. The aim is to publish an average of six such peer-reviewed volumes per annum. Each Handbook will contain an average of 20 newly written contributions on various aspects of the topic, which together will comprise an up-to-date survey of use to scholars and students. The focus will be on Humanities and Social Sciences. Each Handbook will be published in print and digital editions simultaneously, both in Japan and in North America and Europe.  

Available titles:

Higher Education in Japan cover
Confucianism in Japan cover
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Japanese Security.png


Sport and Japan.png



Handbook of Sport and Japan

(9784909286222) Helen Macnaughtan and

Verity Postlethwaite, editors,

March, 2024)

Sport and Japan.png


Handbook of Japanese Security

(9784909286567, Leszek Buszynski, editor, December, 2023)

Japanese Security.png


Handbook of Japan-Russia Relations 

(9784909286345, Kazuhiko Togo, and Dmitry Streltsov, editors, October, 2023)


The Annotated Constitution of Japan: A Handbook (9784909286185, Colin P.A. Jones, editor, June, 2023)


Handbook of Environmental History in Japan  

(9784909286147, Fujihara Tatushi, editor, April, 2023)

Reconsidering Postwar Japanese History: A Handbook 

(9784909286208, Simon Avenell, editor, March, 2023)

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 12.42.22 PM.png

Handbook of Modern and Contemporary Japanese Women Writers

(9784909286161, Rebecca Copeland, editor, December, 2022)

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 9.17.10 AM.png

Handbook of Japanese Christian Writers

(9784909286109, Mark Williams, Van Gessel, and Yamane Michihiro, editors, September, 2022)

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 11.03.13 AM.png

Handbook of Japanese Media and Popular Culture in Transition

(9784909286048, Forum Mithani, and Griseldis Kirsch, editors, June 2022)

Confucianism in Japan cover thumb.png

Handbook of Confucianism in Modern Japan

(9784909286086  Shaun O'Dwyer, editor; February 2022)

Higher Education in Japan cover thumb.png

Handbook of Higher Education in Japan

(9784909286000, Paul Snowden, editor; September 2021)

Forthcoming titles:


  • Handbook of Sport and Japan  (9784909286222, Helen Macnaughtan and Verity Postlethwaite, SOAS University of London, editors, February 2024) 

  • Handbook of Japanese Public Administration and Bureaucracy (9784909286246, Mieko Nakabayashi, Waseda University and Hideaki Tanaka, Meiji University, editors, February 2024)

  • Handbook of Japan’s Environmental Law, Policy, and Politics (9784909286345, Hiroshi Ohta, Waseda University, editor, March 2024)

  • Handbook of Disaster Studies in Japan (9784909286307, Paola Cavaliere, Osaka University and Junko Otani, Osaka University, editors, April 2024)

  • Handbook of Japanese Tourism (9784909286581, Hideto Fujii, Meiji University, editor, April/May 2024)

  • Teaching Japan: A Handbook (9784909286468, Gregory Poole, Doshisha University, and Ioannis Gaitanidis, Chiba University, editors, April/May 2024)

  • Handbook of Contemporary Japanese Diplomacy: The 2010s (9784909286321, Tosh Minohara, Kobe University, editor, April/May 2024)

  • Handbook of Japanese Feminisms (9784909286123, Andrea Germer, Heinrich Heine University and Ulrike Wöhr, Hiroshima City University, editors, May/June 2024)

  • Handbook of Japanese Games and Gaming (9784909286529, Rachael Hutchinson, University of Delaware, editor, Fall 2024)

  • Handbook of Japanese Civil Society (9784909286604, Simon Avenell, Australian National Univerity, and Akihiro Ogawa, University of Melbourne, editors, Fall 2024)

  • Handbook of Japanese Labor Practices: Changing Perceptions (9784909286628, Robin Sakamoto, Kyorin University, editor, Fall 2024)

  • Handbook of Women in Japanese Buddhism (9784909286482, Monika Schrimpf, Eberhard Karls Universität, Tübingen, and Emily Simpson, Harvard University, editors)

  • Handbook of Crime and Punishment in Japan (9784909286260, Tom Ellis, University of Portsmouth and Akira Kyo, Kwansei Gakuin University, editors)

  • Handbook of Human Rights and Japan (9784909286444, Tamara Swenson, Osaka Jogakuin University, editor;)

  • Handbook of Europe-Japan Relations (9784909286543, Lars Vargö, Institute for Security and Development Policy, Japan Center, editor)

  • Handbook of Japanese Martial Arts (9784909286505, Alexander Bennett, Kansai University, editor)

  • The Advent of Sound in Japanese Cinema: A Handbook (9784909286642, Sean O’Reilly, Akita International University, editor)

  • Handbook of Global Migration and Japan (9784909286666, Shinnosuke Takahashi, Victoria University of Wellington and Yasuko Hassall Kobayashi, Ritsumeikan University, editors)

  • Handbook of Work and Leisure in Japan (9784909286680, Nana Okura Gagne, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Isaac Gagne, German Institute of Japanese Studies, editors)

  • Handbook of Japanese Aesthetics (9784909286703, Melinda Landeck, Austin College, editor)

  • Handbook of Japanese Architecture (9784909286710, Ari Seligmann, Monash University, editor)

  • Handbook of Modern Japan-Korea Relations (9784909286697, Mark Caprio, Rikkyo University, and Robert Winstanley-Chesters, Leeds University)



Proposals for additional titles/projects are actively encouraged. Please contact:

Mark Gresham, (+81) (0) 3-3518-9449

Managing Director, MHM Limited 


Bennett Richardson,

Commissioning Editor, Japan Documents / MHM Limited

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