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Reconsidering Postwar Japanese History: A Handbook   Table of Contents

(Simon Avenell, editor)


Introduction: Imagining Japan’s Postwar Era (Simon Avenell); 


Part 1: The Origins of the Postwar 

Ch. 1 Rethinking Imperial Legacies and the Cold War in Allied Occupied Japan (Deokhyo Choi); 

Ch. 2 Money, Banking, and Fiscal Reforms in Allied Occupied Japan, 1945–1952 (Simon James Bytheway); 


Part 2: The Political Postwar

Ch. 3 Arguing with Public Opinion: Polls and Postwar Democracy (Adam Bronson); 

Ch. 4 Japanese Postwar Political History from Left to Right (James Babb); 

Ch. 5 Nationalism under the Banner of Pacifism: Japanese Atomic Bombing Sufferers’ Struggle against the State (Akiko Naono); 

Ch. 6 Living with and Fighting against the Postwar Regime: Conservatism and Constitution in Postwar Japan (Christian G. Winkler); 


Part 3: Postwar Culture and Society

Ch. 7 Gendering Postwar Japan (Emily Chapman and Helen Macnaughtan); 

Ch. 8 Uncertain Futures, Destabilized Dreams (Eiko Maruko Siniawer); 

Ch. 9 Education in Japan Since 1945: Equality, Hierarchy, and Competition (Peter Cave); 

Ch. 10 From Raincoats to Ketchup: The Encroachment of Plastics during the High-growth Era (1955–1973) (Katarzyna J. Cwiertka); 

Ch. 11 Birds and Children as Barometers of Japan’s Postwar Environmental History (Janet Borland); 

Ch. 12 Japan’s Got Talent: The Rise of Tarento in Japanese Television Culture (Seong Un Kim); 


Part 4: The Transnational Postwar

Ch. 13 Postwar Japanese Feminism in Transnational Perspective (Julia C. Bullock); 

Ch. 14 Postwar Japanese History Seen through the Science of Reproductive and Population Politics (Aya Homei); 


Part 5: Japan’s Postwar in Asia and the World

Ch. 15 Japan’s American Alliance: Forgoing Autonomy for Deterrence (H.D.P. Envall); 

Ch. 16 The Endless Postwar: Okinawa at the Modern Frontier (Luke Franks); 

Ch. 17 International Orders, Territorial Problems and Japan’s Identity (Kimie Hara); 

Ch. 18 Manga, National Identity and Internationalization in Postwar Japan (Rebecca Suter); 


Part 6: Defining, Delineating, Historicizing, and Chronologizing the Postwar Era

Ch. 19 Discourses of War and Peace during Japan’s “Postwar” (Philip Seaton); 

Ch. 20 Postwar in the Post-Cold War: Postwar in the Heisei Era (Eiji Oguma)

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