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Handbook of Sport and Japan 目次

(Helen M​acnaughtan and Verity Postlethwaite, 編)

Introduction: (Verity Postlethwaite, Emily Barrass Chapman, Helen Macnaughtan—with contributions from Masami Sekine, Geoffery Z. Kohe, Takayuki Hata and Rei Saito); 


Part One: Historical Developments of Various Key and Emerging Sports in Japan: 

Chapter 1: Baseball, Japan’s National Pastime (William W. Kelly); Chapter 2: A Survey of Rugby in Japan: From Early Play in 1864 to Hosting the World Cup in 2019 (Mike Galbraith and Helen Macnaughtan); Chapter 3: Crafting Selves, Reproducing Capital: A Century or so of Japanese Golf (Angus Lockyer); Chapter 4: “Boys, be Ambitious”: A Brief History and Cultural Analysis of Japanese Basketball (Aaron L. Miller); Chapter 5: The Development and Popularity of Volleyball in Japan: The Impact of the ‘Witches of the Orient’ (Iwona Merklejn and Helen Macnaughtan); Chapter 6: The Gender-related Discursive Function of Japanese Football since Its Professionalization (Yunuen Ysela Mandujano-Salazar); Chapter 7: In the Ring and Beyond the Apron: Women’s Pro Wrestling as Physical Performance (Keiko Aiba); Chapter 8: Surfing in Japan: From itagoRiding to Surfing (Eri Mizuno); Chapter 9: The Beauty of Winter Sports: The Popularity of Figure Skating in Japan (Masafumi Monden). 


Part Two: Relationships Between Elements of the State, Society and Sporting Experiences in Japan: 

Chapter 10:From Three-Legged to Two-Legged Races: The Rise of Competitive Women’s Sport in Japan (1910s-1920s) (Robin Kietlinski); Chapter 11: Queer and Transgender Sport in Japan: Seitekishōsūsha (Gender and Sexual Minority) Athletes and Their Sporting Experiences (Michelle Ho); Chapter 12: Tokyo’s (Non)-Olympics: 1940, 1964, 2020 (Christian Tagsold); Chapter 13: The Paralympic Movement, Disability, and Sports in Japan (Dennis J. Frost); Chapter 14: The Influence of Jigoro Kano: From Higher Education to the Japanese Olympic Movement (Helen Symons and Taro Obayashi); Chapter 15: Intangible Legacy: The Memories and Continuities Between the 1964 and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Focusing on the Olympic Torch Relay (Ai Aramaki and Geoffery Z. Kohe); Chapter 16: Winter Sporting Cultures and Japan (Takayuki Yamashita, Verity Postlethwaite and Győző Molnár).


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