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Handbook of Japanese Media and Popular Culture in Transition Table of Contents

Part 1: Reimagining History:

1. Imagining Alternative Pasts: Imperial Nostalgia on Japanese Television (Griseldis Kirsch);

2. Truth and Limitations: Japanese Media and Disasters (Christopher P. Hood);

3. Solace or Criticism? The Representation of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in Television Dramas and Films (Hilaria Gössmann);


Part 2: Transitions and Transcultural Flows:

4. Red-Light Bases (1953), a Cross-Temporal Contact Zone (Irene González-López);

5. Creating the Youth Star System in Japan. Transnational and Transmedia Phenomena (Marcos P. Centeno-Martin);

6. 映画とテレビ: その歴史的相克を越えて Film and Television: Looking Beyond a Historic Rivalry (北浦 寛之Hiroyuki Kitaura);

7. Remaking Revenge: Transnational Television Drama Flows and the Remaking of the Korean Drama Mawang in Japan (Julia Stolyar);


Part 3: Franchises and Formats:

8. Media Mix: Theorizing and Historicizing Japanese Franchising (Rayna Denison);

9. Nihilistamina. Gloomy Heroisms in Contemporary Anime (Artur Lozano-Méndez and Antonio Loriguillo-López);

10. A TV Flagship Sailing the Currents of a Changing Media World: NHK’s Morning Drama (asadora) in the 21st Century (Elisabeth Scherer);


Part 4: Gender and Media:

11. Japanese Popular Fiction: Constraint, Violence and Freedom in Natsuo Kirino's Out (Lyle De Souza);

12. Intersections of Difference: Sex, Gender and Disability in Japanese Visual Media (Forum Mithani);

13. Marketing Men (,) Silencing Men: The Sapporo Beer-Mifune Campaign and Perspectives on Gender in Japanese Advertising (James X. White);

14. Japanese Men’s Magazines: (Re)producing Hybrid Masculinities (Ronald Saladin);


Part 5:  Audiences and Users:

15. Japanese Audiences, and Japanese Audience Studies (Jennifer Coates);

16. The Serious Business of Song: Karaoke as Discipline and Industry in Japan (Laurence Green);

17. Studying Digital Media in Diasporic Transnationalism Context: the Case of International Migrants in Japan (Xinyu Promio Wang)

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