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Handbook of Japanese Security Contents

(Leszek Buszynski, editor)


Introduction (Leszek Buszynski); 


Part 1: Overview of Japanese Security: 

1. The Development of Japanese Security (Toshiya Takahashi); 


Part 2: Domestic Sources: 

2. Domestic Sources of Japan’s Foreign and Security Policy (Benjamin J. Ascione); 3. The Pacifism-Security Nexus in Japan’s Security Policy (Rikki Kersten); 4. Political Power Shift and Japan’s Foreign/Security Policymaking (Tomohito Shinoda); 5. The Constitution and Defense Policy (Tomoyuki Sasaki); 6. Constitutional Revision under Prime Minister Abe: Incremental Change or Radical Shift? (Lindsay Black); 


Part 3: Defense and Strategy: 

7. The Japan Self-Defense Forces: Developments and Transformation (Ryo Hinata-Yamaguchi); 8. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force: Dream of a Blue Water Navy (Lee Dongkeun); 9. Japan’s Maritime Defense Strategy: The MSDF’s Operational Concept (Yoji Koda); 10. From Basic Law to the Multi-Domain Defense Force: Ten Year’s of Transformation in Japan’s Space Program (Paul Kallender); 11. Potential for Japanese Nuclear Armament (Satoshi Machida); 12. Technology Management and Japanese Security Defense (Kousuke Saitou); 13. Japan’s Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy (Dai Mochinaga); 


Part 4: US Alliance: 

14. Japan’s Alliance Relations with the US (David Arase); 15. The US-Japan Alliance in an Era of Geopolitical and Domestic Change (Mary M. McCarthy); 


Part 5: The Indo-Pacific: 

16. Domestic Sources of Japan’s China Policy 1945-2021 (Shibuichi Daiki);  17. The Korean Peninsula in Japanese Security (Tsuneo Konishi); 18. North Korea’s Nuclear Posture and Japan’s Defense (Hideya Kurata); 19. Japan and ASEAN (Tamotsu Fukuda); 20. Japan’s Strategic Partnership with India (Purnendra Jain); 21. Japan and Australia: An Indo-Pacific Alignment (H.D.V. Envall and Thomas S. Wilkins)

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