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日本について教える-ハンドブック 目次

(Ioannis Gaitanidis & Gregory S. Poole, 編)

Introduction: Critical Pedagogy as Public, Scholarly Engagement (Ioannis Gaitanidis and Gregory S. Poole);

Part 1: Critiquing by Reflecting on Acquired Knowledge: 1. Reconstructing the Narrative of “Because Japan is an Island”: Discussions of Immigration, Migration, and Refugee Policy (Ayako Sasaki); 2. On Pedagogy and the Personal: Teaching Media, the Nation, and Globalization about/in Japan (Stevie Suan); 3. Filtrating Misconceptions about Science and Technology through Japanese History (Yulia Frumer); 4. Teaching Gender and the Politics of Reproduction in Japan: Self-Government as Theoretical Reference Point (Isabel Fassbender); 5. Disentangling “Japanese Religion” in the Classroom (Satoko Fujiwara and Ioannis Gaitanidis);

Part 2: Critiquing by Comparing (with Oneself and with Others): 6. Out of Site, Out of Mind? Ethnographies of Japan, Outside Japan (Chris McMorran); 7. Challenging the Ideas of “Japan” and “Japanese Language” in a Foreign Language Classroom: Linguistic Landscapes Project (Yuri Kumagai); 8.  History and Holism: Making Sense of the Anthropology of Japan (Nana Okura Gagne); 9.  Deconstructing “Japan” through a Border Crossing Lens (Tomoko Tokunaga); 10. Applying Intersectionality to the Study of Social Inequalities in Japan (Jennifer M. McGuire);

Part 3: Critiquing by Creating: 11. Undoing “Japan” in global education: Three Class Projects for Dismantling Culturalist Portrayals of Society (Neriko Musha Doerr); 12 Japanese Gardens as a Zone of Contact for Teaching (Christian Tagsold); 13. From “Japanese” in the US to “Foreigner” in Japan: Unpacking “Race” in Representations (Satoko Shao-Kobayashi); 14. The Materiality of Mokkan: Creating Sources for Reflection on Text in Ancient Japan (Paula R. Curtis);

Part 4: Critiquing through Curriculum-Building: 15. The Visual Anthropology of Japan: In and Outside the Classroom (Steven C. Fedorowicz); 16. Teaching the Anthropology of Japan at French Universities (Alice Berthon, Alice Doublier, Charlotte Lamotte); 17. Teaching the Japanese Workplace: From Principles to Practice (and Back Again) (Jeremy Breaden and Fusako Ota)

日本について教える-ハンドブック へ戻る

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